Kalyss Men’s Short Black Brown Synthetic Hair Wig


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Material:Kalyss Imported Premium Classic Synthetic
Style:Short Slight Natural Wave

Product Description

More details of Kalyss wig:

Material of Kalyss Wigs:
Kalyss Wigs are made of imported high quality proprietary
blend of heat resistant Classic synthetic fibers.The fibers
are more Natural than regular fibers, which make them a
little less easier to brush through and it requires some
more expertise to not only wear them, but also make them work.

Benefits of Kalyss Classic Fibers are:

Durable and easy to restyle with heat
Ideal for curling, spiking, and heavy styling
Higher heat tolerance
Better for use with hair products (hairspray, hair glue, etc)
Matte, natural look

Please note:
The style in this picture has been brushed through.Minor
alterations regarding lighting and color balance have been
made to make it match the wig in real life as closely as
possible, however colors might look different in person due to
different monitor brands and/or settings. All pictures of
the wig presented on a wig head have been taken in daylight.

Please note regarding heat styling:
Our regular and premium collection wigs can be styled up to 180¡æor 360¨H.
However, to be safe, we advise to style our wigs no higher than 150¡æor 300¨H.
Wigs, just like real hairs, could be damaged by heat styling so please do it carefully and use high quality tools.

We know everyone’s tastes are different, and we have plans to
eventually bring More Kalyss Wigs to many of our styles,
you are most welcome to tell us what you need and what
you like. Have a Nice shopping in Kalyss Shop.
Material:Kalyss Imported Premium Classic Synthetic
Style:Short Slight Natural Wave
The color is of the pictures showing
Wigs come with the assurance of a big, roomy cap, heat resistant fibers, high fiber density, and custom blended colors for a natural look in pictures.

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